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Phantom Wireless Charger Is Not Charging My Phone

To troubleshoot your Phantom Wireless if it seems like it’s not working properly.

First Read/Watch the Manual and Tutorial Video:

  1. Have you read the manual for the Phantom Wireless? Click HERE To Download The Manual
  2. Please Check the Video Tutorial to see if you’re using it correctly: https://kwikcharger.ladesk.com/046491-How-To-Use-Your-Phantom-Wireless-Tutorial

Other Steps if still not charging:

  1. Reset the phone device doing a soft reset
  2. Still doesn’t work, completely turn off your phone completely
  3. Make sure the charging tip is securely plugged in your phone and the CHARGING SHEET that is behind your phone is not ripped or damaged
  4. Make sure your Charging Dock is securely plugged in.
  5. Make sure the your phone case is NOT TOO Thick for the Charging Sheet
  6. Try Charging WITHOUT any cases between the charging sheet and the Charging Dock
  7. Make sure there is power going to the charging dock